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Soul Food Craft Along

Dive into a unique and spiritually enriching journey with our "Soul Food" series, inspired by Jesus's self description of being the Bread of Life. Each week, explore new creative projects that nourish both body and soul.

How It Works:

  1. Select a craft you would like to dwell in. You can use some of the craft options below or use your craft of choice.

  2. Visit our Soul Food Drive. Each week reveals new tips on how to turn your crafting into a devotional practice, as well as adding the next steps to the patterns listed below.

  3. Consider checking out our Bible study podcast. Each episode delves into a scripture passage that helps us more deeply examine how Jesus being the Bread of Life nourishes our soul.

  4. Share your progress and connect with others in our supportive online community.

Why "Soul Food"?

Just as bread sustains the body, let this series feed your soul.  Following a framework of devotional crafting, experience God through various creative activities that offer spiritual nourishment and growth. Whether you're crafting, baking, writing, or making a prayer bracelet, each project is a beautiful reminder of the sustenance we find in faith.

Organic Cotton
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