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DIY Morse Code Bracelet Tutorial

Learn how to make a DIY Morse Code bracelet that conveys a hidden message meaningful to your heart. Using Morse code to determine the placement of beads, these bracelets can contain your favorite breath prayer, quote from scripture, or encouraging mantra.

Craft beads, wire, and wirecutters
Morse Cod Bracelet Supplies

What you need:

  • Long Bugle Beads = Dashes

  • Colored, Czec, or Hematite Beads = Dots

  • Seed beads = Spaces and Fillers

  • Decoder Card

  • Memory Wire Coil

  • Rounded needle nose pliers

  • Wire Cutters


  • 4x4 solid colored felt

Getting Ready

  1. Decode your saying onto the Decoder Card

  2. PRO TIP - Lay out your beads on the felt to keep them from rolling. While felt works best, a dishcloth would also work.

  3. With your needle nose pliers, tie off one end of the wire into a loop shape.

Craft wire shaped into a loop with craft beads in the background
Morse Code Bracelet Starter Loop

Time to Start Beading

  1. To ensure that your message will rest along the middle of the bracelet, begin by adding a series of filler beads. The longer your message, the less filler beads you will need. We recommend 30 starter filler beads for most average size wrists if your message is more than three words, and 40 starter filler beads if your message is less than three words.

  2. With the bead still on the fabric, use the untied portion of the wire to enter the center of the bead. Letting the wire lift the bead off the fabric will keep your beads from scattering.

  3. Add the Morse code for the first letter of your message using bugle beads for dashes and the colored beads for dots. At the end of your letter, add one seed bead. Continue until you have completed your first word.

  4. After your first word, add five seed beads to separate your words. Continue step four with your second word. Repeat until the phrase has been completed.

  5. Add the same number of filler beads you used as starters to end your row.

Finished bracelet of wire and craft beads sitting on black fabric
Finished Morse Code Bracelet

Finishing the Bracelet

  1. Make a loop to close off the wire as close to the final filler beads as possible using needle nose pliers.

  2. Cut the excess wire with wire cutters.

  3. Use the needle nose pliers to compress any loose wire into your loop.

  4. Reshape the wire to fit around your wrist

White woman's wrist with DIY bracelet made of wire and clear beads
Finished Morse Code Bracelet

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